"Lived History"

A project to develop active historical thinking

"Lived History" 

History Teachers' Continuous Professional Development Project for Active Historical Thinking Skills

The foundation will donate to teachers its "Guidebook on History Teaching: Why, How?". The book presents the theory of  "active historical thinking" and more than 60 educational strategies derived from it containing examples from Armenian history. 

The strategies will help the learner to understand what historical knowledge is. They will help the learner to:

  1. Establish historical significance

  2. Use primary source evidence

  3. Identify continuity and change

  4. Analyze cause and consequence

  5. Take historical perspectives, and

  6. Understand the ethical dimension of historical interpretations.

As part of the project, teachers will also:

  • Participate in a workshop on developing students' active thinking skills

  • Get an opportunity for joint planning and testing several strategies from the book

  • Participate in research on history teaching

  • Share their experience with other teachers

  • Become a teacher-leaders of active historical thinking.

To participate in the program, history and social science teachers must go through a selection phase by submitting an application via or embedded link below by March 31, 24:00. 

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